Whether you need special styles of items, special colors, custom packaging or logoing of your products, contact us to see if we can provide what you require. Our factories produce many more styles, sizes and colors of safety items than we stock domestically. If the quantity of an item you need is sufficient, we can special order it for you. If you need retail packaging, special labeling, logo imprints, etc. we can take a look at this as well as provide quotations for small orders (that are handled here in the US) as well as large orders (which our factories will handle). This includes providing products with your own brands/private labeling for enhanced market presence.

Numerous custom packaging options are available (at additional cost), including:
- Retail hang tags with your company's brand,
- Special packing for bulk packages,
- Retail packaging on boxes and bags with your company's name/logo,
- Logo affixed or stamped on product.

Silk screening and embroidery is available for some clothing items. High volume orders are processed overseas at the time of manufacturer, and smaller orders are sent out to local printing companies.

Custom packaging and branding options produced in bulk by overseas factories are available at significantly cheaper prices than available domestically.

ValCrest also works with its factories to develop or modify product designs to your specifications.


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